Watch Repair

Expert Watch Repair Service

Restore your treasured timepiece to its pristine elegance and functional precision in the hands of our expert watch repair professionals at Andrew’s Express Jewelers.  Our 21st century watch repair service uses state-of-the-art tools in experienced hands.  We will repair technical problems, or remedy aesthetic deterioration, with unequaled competence and dedication.

Once restored, your valuable timepiece will bring back those fond memories of when you first wore it!  Your wrist or pocket watch has weathered the years as a trusted companion, rest assured that at Andrew’s Express Jewelers, you and your timepiece will get the care and attention you both deserve.

Old or vintage mechanical wristwatches benefit from a complete overhaul on the watch mechanism.  In fact, expert craftsmen at Andrew’s Express Jewelers recommend an overhaul every four to five years to maintain undiminished timekeeping precision and the investment value of your watch.

Our ultrasonic process will loosen debris in the pivots and moving parts.  Sealing gaskets are replaced and all parts are lubricated.  Once complete, your timepiece will look new and perform with precision!

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